Christian Marriage Counseling in Livonia, MI

Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling marital relationship is not something that comes easy in today’s world. At Abundant Life Christian Counseling, we can help guide couples through difficult situations and repair or strengthen their bonds through professional and intimate Christian marriage counseling.

Licensed and Faith-Based Counseling

At Abundant Life Christian Counseling, we have a group of professional counselors capable of providing couples with quality counseling sessions. And because we understand the role your faith plays in your marriage, we take a unique approach to our counseling services. In a society where so many marriages end in divorce, we believe there is much to be done before a couple chooses to walk away from a marriage forever. Our goal is to help couples rediscover the true meaning of marriage and how shared faith can maintain and build a healthy, working relationship.

Give your marriage a chance to thrive. Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our counselors.